Banner illustrations by Bogdan Achimescu
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The department’s gallery is an active part of the Studio Art program. Every spring the gallery is the site of the Fourth-Year Exhibitions, the common goal of our program and the event toward which all work is focused. The openings are important occasions when the whole studio program gathers to celebrate the successful completion of the major. These exhibitions are also critical moments that provide the most pointed interplay of visual ideas and discussion. Students are required to adapt a critical position and to coherently defend that position both formally and conceptually, an essential part of what it takes to put together a show.

With its exhibitions of nationally and internationally known artists during the rest of the school year, the Studio Department’s gallery serves as the University’s most important showcase for contemporary art. The Studio Faculty, by virtue of their active connections in today’s art world, are able to bring cutting-edge developments to the University through our gallery.  Students are involved with the production and installation of these exhibitions and gain valuable experience in the handling and hanging of important works of all types. The Studio Department’s gallery and its program of exhibitions and visiting artists are an integral part of the Studio Art experience. The steady influx of visiting artists supplementing our exhibition schedule immeasurably enriches our program.


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Recent visiting artists include:

Bogdan Achimescu
Steve Baris
Gary Baseman
Charles Beneke
Randy Bolton
Jonathan Borofsky
Nina Bovasso
David Bunn
Kendall Buster
Squeak Carnwath
William Christenberry
Dragana Crnjak
Lesley Dill
Ellen Driscoll
James Dupree
Rosemarie Fiore
John Ford
Susie Fox
Peter Garfield
Robert Glasgow
John Gossage
Emmet Gowin
Michelle Grabner
Ann Hamilton
Sharon Horvath
Christina Nguyen Hung

Eeva-Liisa Isomaa
Chris Killip
Marja Kolu
Kraft & Biel
Steve Kurtz
Joe Lewis
Stanley Lewis
Suzi Lutz
Sally Mann
James McGarrell
Michael Mercil
Andrea Modica
Abelardo Morell
Janet Nolan
Alex OíNeal
Lincoln Perry
Rudy Pozzatti
Martin Puryear
Jeff Rosenheim
Daniel Reeves
Italo Scanga
Carolee Schneemann
Annu Vertanen
Stephen Westfall
Nina Yankowitz
Brodsky & Utkin




Photo exhibit by Sebastian Jemec

Banner illustrations by Bogdan Achimescu
Photograph by Tom Cogill

Photo exhibit by Sebastian Jemec
Gallery photo by Abigal Jenkins