Filmrecorder Instructions

  • Make sure all images are rotated to be horizontal.
  • All images must be saved as TIFFs.
  • Slide film used must be Provia 100 F.

    1. To begin put all image files into the folder on the desktop named “Make Slides.”

    2. Turn on Lasergraphics Filmrecorder (button at back left).

    3. Display should read “no film.”

    4. Open door to put film in (button on left front- push down).

    5. Load film.

    6. Close door – you will hear film transfer to other side.

    7. Display will read “Frames left…”

    8. On Mac: Open “MacRascol” Application Folder.

    9. Choose “MacRascol Queue Builder” and open application.

    10. Click on “Add Many.”

    11. Choose the “Make slides” folder. Now all your images will appear.

    12. Click on “Add All.”

    13. Then click on “Done.”

    14. Double click on “Film Type” column header. And choose “35mm Fuji Provia 100F, v1” from the dropdown menu.

    15. Click on “Process.”

    16. The Filmrecorder will begin processing slides.

    17. When all are finished, press the “Rewind” button on the Filmrecorder.

    18. Open the door and remove the film.

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