Requesting Slides

Faculty in the Departments of Art and Architectural History may request new 60 slides per semester. Upon consultation with the Visual Resources Collection director, digital images may also be requested.

For new courses, faculty should contact the VRC to make arrangements to determine how their needs may be met in a timely manner. Faculty need to meet with VRC staff at least 4 months before the start date of a new course to insure that the VRC can help meet their new slide needs.

Undergraduate and Graduate students may request slides for class presentations upon approval of their faculty instructor.


  1. Check the slide collection holdings carefully to be sure you are not unnecessarily duplicating slides.

  2. Fill out the Slide request form and place at the front of the book. Use plate markers to designate which images you want to be shot. Make sure to fill out the page and plate/figure numbers, indicate which image you want by drawing an “X”, and fill out the pertinent cataloging information (title, author, etc.) (This is especially important for books that are not published in English).

  3. Make sure that library books are checked out to the Slide Collection (and not your personal account).

  4. Bring book(s) or materials to the copy stand.

  5. Please do not pick up your materials — whether personal or library — from the Copy Stand. If you need your materials before your slides are processed and cataloged, please make sure to bring the request form and the plate markers to a staff member in the Slide Room.

  6. When we are finished processing and cataloging your slides we will return library books to the Fine Arts Library, and personal copies to your box in the slide room.

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