New Work:

Susan Bacik
October 29 through
December 23, 1998

Susan Bacik, Bookmark, from Oracles Series,
found objects, 10" x 15" x 32".
Lent by the artist

Susan Bacik and Stephan Cushman
Friday, November 6
5:30 - 7:30 pm

First Sundays Gallery Talk
Susan Bacik and Stephen Cushman,
on art and poetry
Sunday, September 6, 4 pm
in the Museum

This year, the Virginia Commission on the Arts added a new grant category to its applications, offering educational institutions the opportunity to commission new work by Virginia artists. The Museum successfully applied for funds to present new work by two area artists; Susan Bacik and Robert Strini. Held in conjunction with the University's Nobel Peace Prize conference, November 5-6, both exhibitions explore social issues, using aesthetic means to provide a continuing dialogue about harmony and discord, justice and punishment.

Susan Bacik's Oracle and Scale Series pose questions about how human beings communicate. "These sculptures," she says,"are intended to reflect the incomprehensibility of what man does to man, either marvelous or horrifying. They also reflect on our inner mystery, posing the riddle of that great source of inspiration and ability within each of us". Composed of found objects, the sculptures, she adds, "are infused with the energy and history of those who used their more or less identifiable pieces and parts. Memory, as well as the actual objects, becomes the raw material of the sculpture." Accompanying selected Scale pieces are poems by Steven Cushman, a professor in the English Department, who collaborated with Bacik to create this sculpture-word dialogue.

Images and Text Copyright, 1998
The Rector and Visitors
of the University of Virginia

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Charlottesville, Virginia 22903