David Bunn

Here, There, and (nearly) Everywhere

March 20 through
May 23, 1999

Installation December 1997-January
1998 at Brooke Alexander Gallery
New York

Gallery Talk
by David Bunn

Sunday, March 28, 3:30pm
in the Museum

Gallery Talk
by Howard Singerman, assistant professor,
McIntire Department of Art

Sunday, April 11, 2pm
in the Museum

David Bunn's "found poetry" has its origins in a familiar yet fast vanishing species-the library card catalogue. In 1990 Bunn salvaged the entire card catalogue of the Los Angeles Central Library when it was computerized. He constructs poems from sequences of titles or subjects as they occur in the catalogue cards. In this project, he pairs poems from Los Angeles with the now defunct sheaf catalogue of the Liverpool Central Library. In the exhibition, the framed poems hang above the framed display of cards whose titles they appropriate, mounted one over the other. The minimalist appearance of this presentation is overriden by the immediacy of each catalogue card's own history, revealed in smudged fingerprints and well-worn edges and by the casual humor of sentimentality of the constructed poems. As a final transformation, Bunn has assembled the poems and the cards from which they are drawn in book form, bound in volumes of library buckram, offering the viewer the opportunity to again peruse their pages.

David Bunn lives and works in Los Angeles and teaches at the California Institute of the Arts and at the School of Art at the University of Southern California. The exhibition is touring under the auspices of Brooke Alexander Gallery in New York where it was shown last year. The exhibition and its programming is supported in part by the University's Arts Enhancement Funds and the Art$ Program.

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