New Work:

Robert Strini
November 27 through
January 17, 1998

Robert Strini, The Sight and Sound of Death: Genocide, 1998
Lent by the artist.

10 metal tripods holding motorized lead hearts with rocks, dyed fabric on floor, earth, sound, ca. 240 x 360 x 108"

This year, the Virginia Commission on the Arts added a new grant category to its applications, offering educational institutions the opportunity to commission new work by Virginia artists. The Museum successfully applied for funds to present new work by two area artists; Susan Bacik and Robert Strini. Held in conjunction with the University's Nobel Peace Prize conference, November 5-6, both exhibitions explore social issues, using aesthetic means to provide a continuing dialogue about harmony and discord, justice and punishment.

Robert Strini's new installation confronts man's inhumanity to man. "The idea that any human being can lay claim to another human being's life upsets me very much," he explains. "Because of the frustration and anger I have with this situation, I created this project." Using rocks on a moving motorized system, bleached clothing, red earth, and actual taped reports from wartime survivors, Strini has created a haunting environment that compels us to meditate on evil and the possibilities of redemption. Adjoining the installation, in the Main Gallery, the Museum will present a group of sculptural works by Strini, including another major new piece.

Robert Strini
Friday, December 4
5:30 - 7:30 pm

Artist Dialogue
Arrangements can be made for student group discussions with Robert Strini.
Please call 804-924-7458.

Gallery Talk
Robert Strini
Sunday, January 17, 2 pm
in the Museum

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