Academic Courses

American Collage (AMST 401A) - Instructors, Matthew Affron and Stephen Cushman
Meeting Location: Clemons 322A
Meeting Times: W 1300 1530

American Modernism (ARTH 259) -Instructor, Howard Singerman
Meeting Location: Campbell 160
Meeting Times: T R 1530 1645

American Studies Internships (ENAM 482) - Instructor, Alan Howard
This class will create a collage related website for the Summer Arts @ the Museum Program.

Collage in Film and Video (DRAMA) - Instructor, Richard Herskowit

Collage and New Media(MDST 322) - Instructor, James M. Cocola
Meeting Location: Cabell 319
Meeting Times: T 1800-2030

Intermediate New Media Art (ARTS 222) - Instructor, Seth Hunter
Meeting Location: Wilson 306
Meeting Times: T TH 1800-2030

Virginia Standards of Learning
Goals for Students using the "American Collage" Exhibition