UVa Collaborators

Matthew Affron, Faculty, Art History
Matthew Affron is the organizer of the "American Collage" exhibition. He teaches art history at U.Va. and is the University's director of the Phillips-U.Va. initiative. In collaboration with Stephen Cushman of the English Department, he is teaching an American Studies seminar, also called "American Collage," on topics inspired by the exhibition.

Bill Bennett, Faculty, Studio Art
Bill Bennet is currently serving as Chairman of Studio Art. He will be discussing sculptural collage with his students this semester.

Tom Bloom, Faculty, Drama
Tom Bloom is associate professor of scenic design. He has designed for theatre, opera, and ballet throughout the country. He will be introducing threads of modern collage in theatre to his students.

James M. Cocola, Graduate Student, Arts & Sciences
James Cocola is PhD candidate in the English Department. He is the instructor of "Collage and New Media" this semester. Follow the progress of the course at the following link:

Jean Collier, Collections Manager & Web Projects, Art Museum
Jean Collier is collections manager for the U.Va. Art Museum. She is active in organizing technology projects related to the Collage Intiative and maintains this website.

Stephen Cushman, Faculty, English & American Studies
Stephen Cushman is a distinguished poet - critic in the English Department. He is co-teaching the "American Collage" seminar this semester and is the Director of the American Studies major.

Kevin Everson, Faculty, Studio Art
Keven Everson is a film instructor at the University. He will be introducing collage-based film methods this semester to his students.

Jill Hartz, Director, Art Museum
Jill Hartz is the director of the U.Va. Art Museum, and has been instrumental in initiating the "Collage" collaborations across the University.

Richard Herskowitz, Director, VA Film Festival
Richard Herskowitz, director of the Virginia Film Festival, has coordinated a series of collage-themed events titled "SAMPLE THIS: THE ART OF COLLAGE" to accompany the collage exhibition. Included in this series are six programs in the spring Festival Film Society schedule featuring collage artists, including Christian Marclay, Michele Smith, and People Like Us. Herskowitz has also devoted his annual Drama/Media Studies class on independent film to the topic of collage media. He will be concentrating primarily on film artists who recycle "found footage," such as Su Friedrich, Bruce Conner, and Joseph Cornell, as well as cut-out collage animators such as Harry Smith and Larry Jordan.

Alan B. Howard, Director, American Studies Program
Alan Howard has emerged as a leader in exploring the transformative role that technology can play in teaching. He will be focusing on collage in the American Studies Internships this semester.

Seth Hunter Site Designer, Digital Arts Instructor
Seth Hunter is a multimedia developer and Studio Art Instructor. His class will be collaborating with American Studies this semester to create interactive digital collages. He is also the designer of this website.

Sanda Iliescu, Faculty, Architecture School
Sanda Iliescu's professional work spans the fields of architecture and art. Her students will incorporate collage & design into their work this semester.

Jena Leake  Director of Summer Arts at the Museum
Jena Leake is an expressive artist, educator and arts therapist. She will be designing and directing "Summer Collage," a six-week interdisciplinary arts academy at the Museum for rising 4th-12 grade students. "Summer Collage" will feature visual arts, expressive arts, museum tours and studio collaborations with professional artists, dancers and musicians.

Education / Teacher Modules:

John Bunch, Faculty, Curry School of Education
Dr. John Bunch offers visual communication (photography and video), museum, and IT seminar courses. In addition to being an accomplished photographer, John has a special interest in museums and material culture studies.

Ellie Wilson, Faculty, Curry School of Education
Ellie Wilson teaches an elementary methods course in which ways to integrate the visual arts across the curriculum will be discussed. Students will be visiting the "American Collage" exhibition, and then encouraged to think of ways the exhibition provides them with ideas to use in the classroom.

Jane Anne Young, Director of Education, Art Museum
Jane Anne Young, director of education at the Museum, is researching and designing SOL related tours and curriculum ideas, including lesson plans and labeling using the "American Collage" exhibition. She is also planning discussions with classroom teachers and administrators of local schools.

The Phillips Collection

Beth Turner
Senior Curator

Ruth Perlin
Special Assistant to the Director for Education and Technology