Projects and Online Documentation

Faculty, Students, and Artists will be collaborating to fill this area with multimedia documentation of Collage Initiative events. In addition the Collage classes will be posting new media modules of artwork.


Goals for Students:

Using the "American Collage" Exhibition
Relating to Virginia Standards of Learning

Summer Arts @ the Museum collage website

UvaNewMedia is a virtual gallery, resource toolkit, and collaborative meeting space for new media artists of all disciplines at UVA. Each semester this site will grow and adapt to students needs, and serve as link to an international community of new media artists on the internet. This spring UvaNewMedia hosts collaborative efforts related to the Collage Initiative between the University of Virginia and the Philips Collection. UvaNewMedia website leads to individual class resources and results, and the "Collaborative Gallery" leads to the results of both classes working together. Visit and try the award winning Interactive Collage. Sixteen digital art students collaborated to create one dynamic installation. Each collage is created by user participation, and the narrative is discovered by exploring the mysterious containers.
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Collage Now, the Studio Major show of the "Collage Initiative" is took place this semester at the University of Virginia with an exhibition featuring collage works by university students at the McGuffy Arts Center.
Virtual Reality >> of the show.

The Advanced class is working on a reality show called 'nothingatall'. It airs weekly on Charlottesville Public Access TV (channel 13) on Wednesdays Midnight and Thursday 10PM. More info is available here >>

And don't miss fantastic KRP news site, visit it here >>

Final Music and Art Transformation Animations Go >>
1)"Transformations" -- a) A change in perspective that occurs in an individual or a culture. b) A gradual change in mood/emotion/feeling that occurs during a particular event.
2) "Dancing to Signal Processing" - refers to an expressive drawing gesture or animated response to a sound event.
3)"Signal processing" - the variation or manipulation of sound through external devices.

Quicktime Tour of the Fringe Festival 2003
Many have requested that the fringe be archived and we remember what a spectacular event it was. Thanks to Bogdan Achimescu we have a tour. The theme was $$ and the show filled an empty Grocery Store. Visit it now!
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Awe, Value, Punctum is a collaboration between digital arts and music students at the University of Virginia. Students went out into the world to find images and sound inspired by awe, and used digital technology to magnify and reflect upon their experience. The event featured eye tracking software that monitored viewers eye movements. The final projection was a collaboration between the viewer's eye, the artist's experience, and the musician's composition. Go >>

Punctum Photo Collective is an online collaboration between 20 digital artists who used vintage photographs from the 1930's to reflect on the "punctum" - a "partial object" or detail that attracts and holds the gaze and often inspires an intensely private meaning. Go >>

Coming Soon:
Virtual Reality of the UVA Art Musuem "American Collage" Exhibit

Audio and Video Recordings of Lectures and Performances in coordination with the Film Festival.

Reflective Web Modules on the History of the Medium.

And More...