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Pedestal, attributed to Vignory Atelier

France, Champagne-Lorraine,
Marne River Valley
Attributed to the Vignory Atelier
Pedestal, 1398-1424
Limestone with traces of original polychrome,
10 1/4 x 7 1/16 x 5 11/16 inches
Museum Purchase

This exquisite example of the late flamboyant style of Gothic sculptural design, known as the "rippled" (ondoyant) style, presents a donor portrait of the pious couple who commissioned its manufacture. The pedestal formerly supported the weight of a statue. This statue was probably an image of St. Clare of Assisi (1194-1253), founder of the Order of Poor Ladies, the second order of St. Francis, commonly referred to as the Poor Clares, given the inscription at the front lip of the pedestal. In the hands of the genuflecting couple, an energetic banderole representative of the Vignory workshop unfurls their supplication to the saint: "Ora pro nobis/pray for us..." Having shared the financial burden for this work of sculpture and perhaps the lost statue, the lord and lady in typical period attire beseech the saint's sustaining grace.