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Do It-Yourself Challenges

Click here to Download a .pdf file you can print out with these challenges on it.

Create your own Xtreme Combine.

What you need
Objects or materials found in your garage or in your home (things not being used) or purchase objects from the dollar store, the hardware store, or thrift store.

Things to ponder
Select objects for their color or texture.
Select materials for their potential symbolic meanings.
Select objects that have specific a pop culture or cultural meanings to you.

Conider and choose a way or ways of combining the objects together
tie, glue, staple, nail, weave, bolt, wrap, cut, etc.

Combine your chosen objects into a sculpture.

Create your Remix Media artist book

What you need
Find, buy, locate, A BOOK. (Your local used bookstores or recycling centers often have good books to choose from.) Keep in mind that the book will be drastically altered (cut-up, etc.)

Other supplies
scissors, cutting surface, old magazines, 5-10 small objects that you associate with the books, glues, X-acto knife, thread & needle, pencils, paint, etc.

Tell a new tale in your book, by altering the images, the text, or both.

Possible manner(s) of altering the book
glue, stamp, paint, collage, sew, fold, cut, drill, draw, nail, bolting, sand

Things to ponder when altering your book
insides and outsides
spaces within spaces
image and text relationships
methods of applying, attaching and working with the materials, and how the methods reflect the overall meaning of the work.