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What the Artists Were Asked

The following questions were given to the artists before their interviews to allow them time to think about their art and artmaking processes.

How do you see your work as an artist in relation to mass culture?

Do you think fine art and mass culture are distinctly different categories of activity? If so, how does the difference between them get articulated? In materials? Setting? Institutional frames? Criticism?

To what extent do you think ideas of the avant-garde are still relevant to your work? Do concepts like resistance, subversion, transgression have any relationship to contemporary culture? If so, how do they register?

How would you like your work to be read? To what extent do you think about your work in relation to fine art as a broader cultural practice?

What have been the most important issues and/or influences shaping your work in the last 3-5 years? Are these different from the assumptions you began with?

What do you think the role of the artist is in contemporary culture? Is it different in America than elsewhere?

Why does art matter? How?