Remix Media

Recognizable genres are morphing, and the pastiche approaches have been superceded by a recharged media mode that cycles through files and formulae at a rapid refresh rate. Stories get retold and re-edited, and scenes are shot again in ways unthinkable in earlier days. The high-speed fast-action tasks of editing struggle to live up to audience expectations. How quick, how strange, how fast can it be? The ease of sampling, remixing, remaking has put the job of media production into the hands of amateurs and visionaries and taken it away from the control of professionals. All kinds of media can be processed and reworked into these new forms. Content and form are fungible properties, able to be remade with a frictionless mobility. Newspaper text can be stripped of graphic markers and cinematic experience charged with emotive afterlife. The stories of a teen garage band kid show up in lights after the music has long ceased to play, or vice versa, in a flipside downward spiral of un-fame, the onstage performer looks back at us and makes us into the amusement. The mixing up isn't only of stuff - film strips or photos, montaged and recombined - but of roles and circumstances. What was a film is now a book, a headline, a theater performance, a way of talking. Now mouthing the lines and mimicking the moves, reworking the text with a new set of design parameters, inserting pictures or putting on a new soundtrack to giggle and dance with against the backdrop of somebody else's movie - all of these are acceptable forms of remix media, ways of thinking about the way mediation works on walls and pages, on view and out of sight. A gap exists between public discourse and the real, between events and their representation, between the actual and the programmed. Artists seem to rush into that space and make it into a major switching station, a place from which to rework the message while warping the delivery into some wake-up call to look again at what's coming across the screen.

Kenneth Goldsmith - Day
Archie Rand & John Yau - Movies as a Form of Reincarnation
Fred Rinne - All My Bands
Joan Lyons - Mexico City Walls
Nancy Chunn - Heaven's Gate
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller - Cabin Fever
Mira Schor - Suddenly & Nu koo lar
Warren Neidich - Herald Tribune, Rotterdam
Alan Rath - Eyeris
Jennifer McCoy & Kevin McCoy - The Kiss
John Waters - Playdate