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Education Program Coordinator
Jennifer Van Winkle
Tour Coordinator/Education Assistant
Dorothy Hambright
Docent Educator
Linda Levokove


More than 150 Museum members

volunteer every year.

If you have a love of art and time to make a difference, please join one of our volunteer programs.


Volunteers help make the diverse Museum programs available to the public and assist in the Education Department or in many Museum programs. Call 243-2050 for details.
Advisory Board
Members advise the Museum's director in the areas of collections, strategic planning, architeccture for the new facility, and fund raising and provide essential financial support.
Docent Program
Docents design tours for groups, from pre-school childern to seniors, and plan the annual Writer's Eye competition. The Museum is celebrating its 30th anniversary o fthe docent programs. Docent volunteers, both community members and University students, are trained in the inquiry method and other museum education techniques, and give tours to school students, adult groups, and University classes throughout the year.

After an initial training period, docents have on-going monthly training with curators, guest speakers and educaiton staff regarding special exhibitions and the perment collection. As a group, docents occassionally take field trips to other museums. Some docents also attend regional and national docent education conferences.

The Student Docents are an official UVa student organization.

To apply to be a community or UVa student docent, please email the Education Department or call 243-2050.
Volunteer Board
Members run our trip programs, host dinners, serve refreshments, build memberships, and plan special events.
Gallery Guild
Members serve as ambassadors and receptionists in the Museum for two hours or more every month.
Student Internships/Volunteer Opportunities
Fourth-year students are eligible to become UIP interns at the Museum and receive academic credit for their part-time work. Students of all academic interests and years may also volunteer in many departments in the Museum. Call 243-2050 for details.
Art Print Workshop
Co-sponsored by the Piedmont Council of the Arts, this workshop offers training for parents interested in bringing art prints into elementary school classrooms to promote visual literacy. For more information and to RSVP for this annual training program, please call 243-2050.