Summer Arts @ the Ix & the Bridge

This year, the Summer Arts experience will invite student artists to explore stories based on their lives. These visual explorations can be comprised of the real lives or any parts that might be embellished for artistic value. The students will learn how myth and allegory have informed the tradition of making art throughout history. A number of exciting possibilities will be explored with guest artists, using computers, printmaking, photography and painting. Complementing the exhibitions at the UVAM, the students will be able to mix these disciplines and find their own methods of relating to the stories they want to tell.

Students will enjoy three sessions in each of the painting, printmaking and photography disciplines and one each in two of the three optional studies in music, dance and architecture. They will have access to computers several times each week for journaling and creating works of art. Two late nights, one on Wednesday one week and on Tuesday the other week, will allow parents to come and assist their students on set painting or another community art project. Two other sessions - working in teams on a documentary video and visiting the UVA Art Museum to see the exhibitions - round out the schedule, with the final day devoted to finishing work and preparing for the Summer Arts exhibition.

A multidisciplinary arts academy for rising 4th-12th graders.

June 19 - 30
Session I
Why We Create

July 10 - 21
Session II
Resolving the Conundrum

July31 - Aug.4
Advanced Academy

M-F, 9-4