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Traces of the Hand: Master Drawings from the Collection of Frederick and Lucy S. Herman

Landscape and Seascape

The Herman Collection embraces a variety of depictions of land and sea, including a rare early landscape drawing from the circle of Hieronymus Cock. This Antwerp printmaker and publisher produced modest local landscapes that strongly anticipate the traditions of Dutch and Flemish Golden Age landscape. These latter are represented here by van Alsloot’s village scene, still in the tradition of Cock and Bruegel, and the large landscape here attributed to Joris van der Hagen, depicting a verdant and ideally harmonious vision of the world. The diminutive but dynamic storm at sea by Bakhuizen and the battle scene in the manner of Zeeman typify the ways Dutch marine artists dramatized these aspects of the great adventure of Dutch seafaring. De Loutherbourg’s evocative moonlit nocturne illustrates the persistence in the eighteenth century of the pastoral ideal of human harmony with a kindly nature; Boucher’s study of a farmyard, meanwhile, has a truth to appearances seemingly at odds with his more typical artifice in depicting the landscape. Ireland’s view of Windsor Castle exemplifies his searching out picturesque views on the waterways of England, documenting the local scene for armchair travelers. This documentary function is also one of the goals of Durand, carefully depicting a still-identifiable locale in a work appropriate to one of the chief figures of the Hudson River School.

Artists, Titles, and Accession Numbers

Denys van Alsloot, Landscape with Village, 2006.11.3 >

Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman, Sea Battle, 2007.15.1 >

Anonymous (after Martino Rota), Battle of Lepanto, 2007.15.7 >

Ludolf Bakhuizen, Storm-Tossed Ships, 2007.15.11 >

François Boucher, Farmyard Scene, 2007.15.21 >

Circle of Hieronymus Cock, Village Scene, 2006.11.13 >

Asher Brown Durand, Croton on the Hudson, 2006.11.18 >

Samuel Ireland, North View of Windsor Castle as Seen from Thames Street, 2007.15.48 >

Philip James de Loutherbourg, Pastoral Landscape with a Peasant and His Flock at Night, 2007.15.55 >

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