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Ruffin Gallery Publications
McIntire Department of Art

The End of Language
Justin Quinn, Suzanne Silver,
Adam Wolpa, Lauren Catlett
Four person exhibition

March 1 – March 29, 2012

Curated by
Dean Dass

Essay by
Monica McTighe, PhD
Tufts University

26 pages, color illustrations

Download catalogue (pdf) >
The End of Language

If There Be Such Space
Michael Lundgren and Aaron Rothman
a collaborative installation of photography

January 27 – February 17, 2012

Curated by
William Wylie

Michael Lundgren, Aaron Rothman

Essays by
Josh Wallaert

40 pages, color illustrations

Download catalogue (pdf) >
If There Be Such Space

Touched by Virginia
Group Sculpture Exhibition
September 26 – October 22, 2011

Curated by
William Bennett

Golnar Adili, Britta Bielak, Jonathan Durham, Firat Erdim, Rosemarie Fiore, Judith Leemann, Maya Mackrandilal, Kristin Nyce, Eric Schmidt, Ashley Williams, Adam Wolpa

Essays by
Jeffry Cudlin, Deborah McLeod

48 pages, color illustrations

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Untitled - A Mid-Atlantic MFA Exhibition catalogue

A Mid-Atlantic MFA Exhibition
July 9 - August 13, 2011

Curated by
Michael Maizels and Brittany Strupp

Adam Nelson, Ali Miller, Chris Musina, Jamie Lawyer, Oscar Santillan, Tracy Spencer-Stonestreet, Travis Donovan, and Will Machin

Essays by
Jennifer Stettler Parsons, Betsy Chunko, Anne Williams, Leslie Cozzi, Brittany Strupp, Anna Kim, Katherine Miller, and Mike Maizels

48 pages, color illustrations

Download catalogue (pdf) >
Untitled - A Mid-Atlantic MFA Exhibition catalogue

Painting on Paper
September 24 - October 22, 2010

Curated by Megan Marlatt
Essays by Mike Maizels

Amy Chan, Judith Linhares, Linda Marston-Reid, Kathy
Muehlemann, Elena Sisto, Josette Urso, and Stephen Westfall

64 pages, color illustrations

Download catalogue (pdf) >
Painting on Paper catalogue
Field Notes
October 29 - November 26, 2010

Essays by Mike Maizels

Robert Capozzi, Lorrie Fredette, Dylan McManus, Laura Moriarty, and Jill Parisi

64 pages, color illustrations

Download catalogue (pdf) >
Field Notes catalogue
Berenika Boberska | Fallow City Project
February 26 - March 26, 2010


Fallow City Project is an intervention in the typical fabric of suburbia, in the monoculture of private spaces and cultivated dreams.

Taking the current crisis of the suburbs as a chance, and the most extreme situation of Detroit as its site, the project aims to develop new scenarios and new typologies of structures for the emerging fallow cityscapes. The interventions propose more playful and public ways of using or mis-using the suburban forms.

Similar to intensive monoculture farming, suburbia is an overstretched production of property, creating a thinness of space, use, ideas. A fallow season which releases the city from this productivity creates an interruption where unusual uses and forms can flourish. The crisis of the suburbs has up till now been invisible, always un-dramatic and un-seductive as a design problem. Yet this is the most prolific of urban landscapes, massive in its effect and most in need of ideas. The Fallow City Project begun as a Design Laboratory at the University of Virginia—bringing together a team of students from the departments of art, architecture, landscape architecture, electrical engineering and chemistry. Ideas and structures were tested and played out through physical models, stop-motion animations and narratives. The proposals were assembled together to construct a Collective Model of a near future suburb of Detroit.

Berenika Boberska

Professor Dean Dass, McIntire Department of Art
Professor Craig Barton, School of Architecture
Professor Cassandra Fraser, Department of Chemistry
Professor Mool Gupta, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Berenika Boberska
Eric Schmidt
Daniel Ballard
Sonia Brenner
Jessica Brown
Alexa Bush
Rachel Callahan
Sarah Cancienne
Jack Cochran
Patrick Costello
Beckett Fogg
Jeff Garrett
Lauren Gilchrist
Leila Harris
Jinhui Huang
Vikram Iyengar
Avery Lawrence
Barada K. Nayak, Ph.D.
Emily Nelson
Fatima Olivieri
Renee Pean
Seth Porcello
Shelley Schwartz
Rachel Singel
Kelley Skinner
Sarah Tisdale
Eric Wong
Guoqing Zhang

Essays by
Robin Dripps and Peter Waldman

box with 7 19 x 24 in. sheets folding to 10 x 6 in.

Download exterior box (pdf) >
Download insert sheets (pdf) >
  Berenika Boberska | Fallow City Project catalogue
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