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Grant Achievements
University Award for Projects in the Arts
through the Center for Undergraduate Excellence
The University Award for Projects in the Arts is intended to expand students' opportunities for creative expression and showcase significant accomplishments in the arts. The program funds outstanding undergraduate projects in the arts to be carried out in the summer and the upcoming academic year.
Inaugural 2009-2010 Grants

Rachel Callahan of Weston, Fla., a studio arts and art history major planned an installation entitled "Domestic Haunting." Her project was to “explore the notion of gender within the domestic sphere by recreating domestic spaces in an installation/exhibition format." These spaces were to be made fantastical by her transformation of familiar objects and settings, in an effort to reveal the haunted histories and associations of domestic environments.

Lauren Elyse Catlett, of Richmond, majored in studio art and Russian, proposed a collection of writing and art-making, community engagement and independent work titled "Shared Doings and Sayings: Art-making and the Subjective Experience of Dementia." Her work "is based on the relationship between art and healing." Working with dementia patients, she hoped "to encourage self-expression and strengthen interpersonal relationships among the participants at the retirement communities where I will be volunteering." She planned and created a book that included the artwork of the participants.

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Richard Grove Miller IV of Warrenton, a music and Spanish major, planned to compose and record music for his first solo album using a new electro-acoustic music software program called Max For Live, the result of a collaboration between two of the world's leading digital audio software companies. "An unprecedented tool for both the studio and the stage, Max For Live will allow me to fully program the computer for my specific needs and have complete hands-on control over my compositions," he said.

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Emily Corazon Nelson of Charlotte, N.C., a studio art and Spanish major, planned "Nourish(meant)," a project that combines art and activism to promote sustainable transportation and home food production. Nelson and Graham Evans planned to travel around the country in a retrofitted bus run on waste vegetable oil, growing a garden on the bus and preparing and serving food for people, as well as exchanging information, ideas and art. "My objective in 'Nourish(meant)' is to meet people, to create relationships, to share knowledge and in some way to change society for the better," she said.

Lucy Jennifer Zhou, of Bethlehem, Pa., an English and economics major, planned to travel to Argentina for two weeks to gather material for a novella, titled "Lingua," focusing on Asian migration to South America. "I became fascinated with the idea of looking at the immigrant experience from an Asian-Latin American standpoint," she said. "Buenos Aires, a city that is already the child of colonialism and is, today, a major metropolitan center, appeared to me to be the ideal place to look more closely at the confluence of cultures and the narratives which result."

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