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Jody Kielbasa
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Director, Virginia Film Festival

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University of Virginia Arts Council

Arts Council Logo

In 1990, the President's Council for the Arts was created with Mort Caplin as its chair. The first annual fund grant was made by the Arts Council to the University in 1999 for a studio art building plan. This began as an informal process of contributions from the Arts Council to advance areas of the arts at U.Va. The formal grant process was launched formally in 2003.


The Arts Council provides advocacy, advice, and support in the Arts at the University of Virginia. The Council strives to develop and strengthen the bonds of interest and participation among the Departments and programs of the McIntire Department of Art, the Department of Drama including the Dance Program, Media Studies including the Virginia Film Festival, and McIntire Department of Music; the School of Architecture; the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library and the Music Library; The Fralin Museum of Art; and the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection; and their alumni and friends; to advocate on their behalf; to advise and assist with communications; and to help raise funds in support of academic programs, facilities, and special events.

The Arts Council works on Grounds, in the Charlottesville community, and beyond to promote the Arts at the University.

Arts Council members' advise the University through meetings, focus groups, and through larger discussions on aspects of arts facilities or programs. Between meetings, selected members are called upon on by faculty and administration to serve as arts experts. Direct interaction with deans, arts department chairs, program directors, with artists and patrons are part of this function.

A $2,500 annual contribution to the Annual Fund for the Arts is an expectation of Arts Council membership over and above gifts to other programs at the University to which Council members already contribute. Each Council member is strongly encouraged to make a leadership gift for Arts capital projects, programs, or endowment.

Council Membership
Approved April 4, 2008

The Council seeks to develop a group experienced with the University's unique and complex arts environment and who share a vision for the future of the Arts at U.Va. The Council shall have between 30 and 40 members whose interests and experiences span the visual and performing arts, and whose ages, geographic locations, genders, cultures, and ethnicities reflect the diversity of the University's constituencies and its arts community. Preference in membership will be given to those who have demonstrated significant support for the University and the arts.

There are three categories of members—Active, Emeritus and Ex-Officio.

Active members of the Arts Council are:

Volunteers with an expressed and demonstrated interest in the Arts at U.Va..

Volunteers sitting on other University advisory boards such as the Board of Visitors, the Campaign Executive Committee, or NCOUR.

Up to three University of Virginia students majoring in art, drama, media studies or music are identified by the dean of the College with input from the department chairs are presented to the Nominating Committee. Their role is to provide a student perspective on the U.Va. arts experience.

Representatives of other arts related University boards and foundations such as, for example, The Fralin Museum of Art Advisory Board, Charlottesville Symphony Society Board of Directors or Campaign Cabinet, Virginia Film Festival Advisory Board or Council of Friends, Media Studies Advisory Board, School of Architecture Foundation, College Foundation, or the Heritage Repertory Theatre Guild.

Elected for a three (3) year renewable term. There is not a limit to the number of renewals.

Emeritus members of the Arts Council:

Include former active members of the Arts Council. Emeritus status is conferred at the conclusion of an active member's term(s).

Remain informed and receive invitations to Arts Council meetings, while not under the obligation to attend meetings or contribute to the Annual Fund for the Arts.

May serve on Arts Council committees and vote on committee business.

Ex-Officio members of the Arts Council

Are the Vice Provost for the Arts and the Director of the Arts Grounds Campaign who function as the primary staff support for and University liaisons to the Arts Council.

Serve on the Executive Committee and may serve on other Arts Council committees but cannot vote on Council or committee business.

Current Members

Honorary Chair
Mortimer M. Caplin (College '37, Law '40)

Gretchen Tibbits (College '89)

Vice Chair
Joan Fry

Thomas Osborne

Student Members
Natalie May
Ty Vanover


Mary Bacon (College, '83)
Chris Bierly (Commerce '86)
John Birdsall III (College '66)
Mary-Scott B. Birdsall (College '66)
E. Roger Boyle III (College '64, Law '67)
A. Cary Brown-Epstein (College ‘84)
Elizabeth Buck, PhD (College '85)
Edith S. Champ
Ruth C. Cross
Lee Ellen Darden (College '09)
Margaret Doyle (Psychology '85)
Chrissy Miller Droessler (Art History '04)
Gayle Gardner
Elisabeth Giovine (Arch '93)
Wright Harvey (Econ/Studio Art '05)
Lex Lindsey (College '76)
Thomas C. MacAvoy
J. Sanford Miller (College '71)
Jeff Miller (College '74)
Patty Reid (College '77)
Joanne Robinson
Emily Robson (Foreign Affairs/Econ '88)
Matthew Slaats
Stephen P. Smiley (College '71)
Thomas Stephenson (Darden '81)
Ashbrooke Tullis (College ’89)
Jim Tune (Foreign Affairs '64)
Kathy Tune
Laurie Turner (Commerce '79)
Sonia Webb
Paul Junger Witt (College '63)

Annual Fund Grant Guidelines

UVa Arts Council Grant Guidelines

In addition to following the grant guidelines provided below, please be sure to fill out the necessary forms. Please note that the Arts Council Annual Fund Grants are not to be considered part of any department’s budget. Projects that are successful and have been funded for consecutive years should seek other, more predictable funding. Please be sure to include the Arts Council logo in your publications related to any Art Council funded projects.

As of 2013, the following are eligible to apply for grants: Departments and programs within the departments of Art, Drama including Dance and Heritage Theater Festival, Media Studies, the Virginia Film Festival, English, including Creative Writing, and Music, including the Marching Band; the School of Architecture; the Arts Scholars Program; OpenGrounds; the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library; the Music Library; WTJU; The Fralin Museum of Art and the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection.

Annual Fund Grants will be made once per year, in the spring for the following academic year. A Request for Proposals will be sent in the fall semester and decisions finalized at the spring meeting of the Arts Council. Funding decisions are dependent upon the monies available in a given year.

Gifts supporting this program will be solicited from Arts Council members on a calendar year basis. Funds will be deposited in an interest-bearing but non-endowment account.

Funds will go to academic schools, departments, programs, and groups with faculty advisors as a first preference, but student groups may be considered if endorsed in advance by the appropriate academic department. Proposals should come through and be prioritized by the department Chairs.

Projects should be specific and substantive, with a direct impact on students. This is not intended as a “fix-it” or petty cash fund. These grants are intended to increase the visibility and influence of the Arts on Grounds. Proposals should look for ways to coordinate residencies and programs thematically or with scheduling in order to maximize their impact on students.

The grants may be offered up to $10,000.

Effort will be made to diversify recipients so that grant funds can be distributed among several departments and units.

The Arts Council contribution should be recognized in any printed materials (programs, CD liner notes, exhibition posters, etc.) resulting from grants. For projects wholly supported by an Arts Council grant, the phrase underwritten by the University of Virginia Arts Council is suggested; for partial funding, use the phrase supported by the University of Virginia Arts Council. Please be sure to include the Arts Council logo in your publications related to any Arts Council funded projects.

Applications for grants should be received by the posted deadline, usually one month in advance of a full Council meeting, to give the Committee time to research each project and make recommendations.

Applications must include brief reports on the use of previous grants, or progress reports on longer term projects.

Grants will first be discussed by the Grants Committee, and then presented to the full Council for final approval in executive session.

The Arts Council Grant Proposal form needs to be filled out fully in order for a submission for an Arts Council grant to be considered. If your department or program received an Arts Council grant the previous year, you will also need to include the Arts Council Grant Report.

By accepting Arts Council funds, you agree to provide the Arts Council, via the Vice Provost for the Arts office, with an Arts Council Grant Report, including relevant photos, prior to submitting a new grant request or directly following the completion of your project, if it extends past the Arts Council Grant Proposal deadline. A new proposal will not be considered if it is not accompanied by the necessary Arts Council Grant Report.

Proposals are due Monday, March 9, 2015 to Emma Terry

Contact Us

For help or additional information, please contact:

Jody Kielbasa, Vice Provost for the Arts & Director, Virginia Film Festival

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University of Virginia
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434.295.2521 tel

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Emma Terry, Staff Assistant to the Vice Provost for the Arts

1709 University Avenue
PO Box 400308
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4222

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Reproduction, including downloading of ARS works is prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.