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Public Art on View    
The Student's Progress
Lincoln Perry

Lincoln Perry
The Student's Progress

On view—
A mural at the University of Virginia
Old Cabell Hall   Map >

Lincoln Perry, one of America's foremost figure artists, painted the work in the tradition of mural painting that relates to the surrounding architecture. He incorporates the architecture of the lobby in the mural and the painting itself appears contiguous with the lobby space. The landscape is the view of the mountains south of the building.

The mural was commissioned by a group of U.Va. benefactors who also raised funds for it. They include Ruth and Robert Cross, Gertrude Weber, Richard Guy Wilson and Eleanor Wilson, and Donald J. Innes and Allison Innes.

Video >
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  The Student's Progress mural by Lincoln Perry in Old Cabell Hall at the University of Virginia
Gutzon Borglum

Gutzon Borglum, American, 1867-1941

On view—
Between Clemons and Alderman Library   Map >

Memorial to James Rogers McConnell, 1887-1917

  Icarus by Gutzon Borglum on view between Clemons and Alderman Library at the University of Virginia        
Berlin Wall
Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon
Berlin Wall, 2009

On view—
Outside Ruffin Hall

Andrew Salmon, a third-year studio art and foreign affairs major at the University of Virginia, recently won first place in an art contest sponsored by the German Embassy and German Information Center for his sculpture, "Without Walls."

The contest was part of "Freedom Without Walls," a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall held in late September at more than 30 college campuses across the United States.   More >

  Andrew Salmon by Berlin Wall outside Ruffin Hall at the University of Virginia        
Poetry Walk
Permanent installation of the Hindsight/Foresight: Art for the New Millennium project, 2000

Agnes Denes
Poetry Walk, 2000

On view—
Near Brooks Hall & the Corner

American artist and scholar Agnes Denes brings the past, present and future together, commemorating the millennium and the area's rich heritage in the permanent art installation, "Poetry Walk," near Brooks Hall. Covering about 520 feet bordering on University Avenue, the project installation began April 24, 2000

At first glance the project near Brooks Hall may appear simple and straightforward -- 20 granite stones of various types and sizes laid flat into the ground. Upon closer inspection, how- ever, these stones should give passers-by pause. Carved into each one are excerpts from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, poems by contemporary and historical poets and writers of the area, and accounts from the history of Virginia that resonate for the whole country. Read more >

  Andrew Salmon by Berlin Wall outside Ruffin Hall at the University of Virginia
Photo credit: Stephanie Gross
Clark Hall Murals
Allyn Cox

Allyn Cox
Clark Hall Murals, 1930-1934

On view—
Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library, Clark Hall

The murals in Clark Hall were painted by Allyn Cox on a commission from William Andrews Clark, Jr. who was the donor of the building. The project took four years from 1930-1934. Mr Cox (1896-1982) was responsible for painting and designing the murals in collaboration with Clark and Lile, Dean of the Law School. One of the nations leading muralists during the 1930’s, Cox was the son of the renowned artist, Kenyon Cox. He studied under his father and at the National Academy of Design in new York, and earned a fellowship in painting at the American Academy in Rome. Cox had worked with Clark before, painting the ceilings of the W. A. Clar, Jr., Library in Los Angeles between 1925 and 1927. Cox’s later works included murals for the George Washinton National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA.; mosaic mural in Grant’s Tomb, New York City; completion of the frieze in the rotunda of our nation’s Capitol Building; and murals in the east corridor of the House Wing of the U.S. Capitol. More >

  Andrew Salmon by Berlin Wall outside Ruffin Hall at the University of Virginia        
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