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Jody Kielbasa
Vice Provost for the Arts
Director, Virginia Film Festival

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Public Art Previously on View    
Seated Woman
Maya Mackrandilal

Performance Art Piece

On view—
Terrace of The Fralin Museum of Art   Map >
Friday, April 26 | 12–7:30 pm

Facebook event >

Seven and a half hour performance engaging viewers, exploring modes of existence and the authority of museums in our society.

How does one exist in the world? This central question of the human experience lies at the heart of my practice. In my work, it becomes a question of identity (how to exist in the borderlands of race, nation, sexuality, and gender), a question of history (how to exist alongside the trauma of the past, both inside and outside of time and narrative), and a question of ethics (how to engage with others as an artist, a political entity, and a human being). I see the body as the starting point for any effective discourse surrounding these questions. It is the bridge between our selves and others, our connection to our pasts, and our most basic and visceral tool for understanding our environment.

Recently, I have been interested in exploring forces of authority and forms of resistance. During my time as a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago I became interested in the tradition of display in the Western conceptualization of the museum and how this tradition served to perpetuate specific types of power. I’ve been exploring ways to “speak back” against this silent, invisible authority using a wide range of approaches such as bronze performance objects, image/text work, and performance interventions.

~Maya Mackrandilal

  Seated Woman by Maya Mackrandilal    
Painting the American Flag
Projects by students in Prof. Sanda Iliescu's Painting and Public Art, Arch. 5780

On view—
School of Architecture
Exhibit: April 18–28
Elmaleh Gallery + Salon Walls + Corner Gallery

Final Fridays Reception: April 26 | 6–7pm
6 pm Gallery Talk with Sanda Iliescu and students

I used the flag because, as images go, it's a very powerful common ground. Everybody knows it, and everybody has feelings about it. It's a startling composition in many different ways. Impossible to miss, the stars and stripes give students a rich material to work with, both visually and symbolically. Politically and socially, the US flag can lead to interesting if difficult conversations. The fact that it has been used before by artists from the past (such as David Hammons and Jasper Johns) offers us an opportunity to study and reinterpret precedents in the recent history of painting.

~Sanda Iliescu | April 24, 2013

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  Amirican Flag Postcard
Artwork: Ye Zheng
Design: Sanda Iliescu
Download card (pdf) >
Seated Woman
Henry Moore

Henry Moore, English, 1898–1986
Seated Woman, 1958–1959 (LH 440)
Bronze, 83 x 381⁄2 x 451⁄2 in, 211 x 97.8 x 115.6 cm

University Virginia Art Museum Terrace   Map >
Tuesday - Sunday, 1-5

The new terrace in front of the University of Virginia Art Museum received its focal point in the form of a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore, a loan from the Henry Moore Foundation in England. More >

  Seated Woman by Henry Moore at the University Virginia Art Museum Terrace
© 2011 The Henry Moore Foundation. All Rights Reserved. / ARS, New York / DACS, London

Reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation
Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder, American, 1898–1976
Tripes, 1974
Sheet metal, bolts and paint, 144 x 132 x 118 inches
Calder Foundation, New York
Photo: Dan Addison

On view—
In front of Peabody Hall   Map >

About the sculpture
A monumental sculpture by Alexander Calder, considered one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, has been installed in front of Peabody Hall. The sculpture is on long-term loan from the Calder Foundation in New York, the result of a collaboration between the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts, the Committee on Public Art and others at the University. Calder's stabile is the first piece of public art the committee has proactively promoted.

Web cam
The monumental sculpture by Calder has become part of the environs in front of Peabody Hall. The transformation of the landscape could be watched live online. To read the impact of changing atmospheric conditions, like day and night or sunshine and rain, read through the observations. Read >

Tripes was de-installed on Tuesday May 22, 2012 after three years at U.Va. The sculpture was lifted off the site using a crane, placed onto a flat bed truck, and secured for transportation. The sculpture will travel to Connecticut where it will be prepared for its next installation, tentatively set for London.

  Tripes by Alexander Calder in front of Peabody Hall at the University of Virginia
© 2011 Calder Foundation, New York /
Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


Alexander Calder's Tripes - webcam

Read >

© 2011 Calder Foundation, New York /
Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Alexander Calder
Untitled, 1976

Alexander Calder, American, 1898–1976
Untitled, 1976
Sheet metal, rod, wire, and paint, 13 x 132 x 42 inches
© 2011 Calder Foundation, New York /
Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

University of Virginia Art Museum
Thomas H. Bayly Building,
155 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, VA 22904   Map >
Tuesday - Sunday, 1-5

Together, the loan of the Calder stabile Tripes and this mobile cement the U.Va. Art Museum's relationship with the Calder Foundation, a significant partnership.

  Untitled Mobile by Alexander Calder at the University of Virginia Art Museum      
Tom Burckhardt
The Brooks Natural History Museum, c 1900; A Creative Interpretation

2004-05 18’ X 18’ X 11’
cardboard, paint, wood and hot glue

On view—
Ruffin Hall  Map >
February 24 - March 30, 2012
Monday - Friday; 9 - 5 pm

The 2011-2012 U.Va. Arts Board is thrilled to announce Tom Burckhardt, painter and sculptor, as our artist-in-residence for this academic year! Each year the Arts Board selects a visiting artist to engage U.Va. students in a collaborative and educational project over the course of the year. Throughout this coming year, Tom will be working with a group of students on a collaborative and ambitious art project: a life-size recreation of the old Brooks Hall museum, made out of cardboard! The project, to be exhibited this spring in Ruffin Hall on Arts Grounds, aims to combine hands-on art-making with a cause that is close to all of our hearts: the history of our own University. The University's Natural History Museum, which featured fascinating objects collected by Jefferson himself (and, yes, a giant mastodon), was housed in Brooks Hall through the 1940s. Tom and his team of student workers plan to bring its lost treasures back to life.

More information >
Read the blog >
Artist in Residency >

  Full Stop

Homecomings Downtown Mall Mural Contest
Sponsored by the Student Council

GOT CHALK? Come borrow ours!

Celebrate Homecomings by decorating the Downtown Mall Chalk Wall! Enter your mural design submissions by October 6th for a chance to be selected to decorate the wall during Homecomings week.

Winners get their design featured on the jumbotron during the October 15th game against Georgia Tech, plus the awesome opportunity of creating a piece of public art. Think about signing up with your hall/CIO/class/team/friends!

    Rules and Regulations

  • All design entries must be in before 9pm on Thursday October 6th. A jpeg of your design can be submitted to kdw43m or placed in the box in the Student Council Office (the PAC on the first floor of Newcomb).
  • Entries may be done in any way you seem fit. However please make sure each image is distinguishable.
  • The dimensions for the wall are as follows. a two sided wall that is 54 feet long and 7.5 feet tall.
  • All chalk will be provided.
  • The whole day of October 12th is reserved for you to work on the mural.
  • The winning mural will be creative, filled with school spirit, and respectful.
  • Winners will be notified over fall break.

Email with questions...
Learn more>

  Freedom of Speech Wall

From Yellow to White
A collaborative public art installation

On view—
The East Wing Gallery, Campbell Hall  Map >
September 19 - October 1, 2011
Monday - Friday; 9 - 5 pm

Elmaleh Gallery, Campbell Hall  Map >
September 30 - October 15, 2011
Monday - Friday; 9 - 5 pm

Opening reception—
Elmaleh Gallery, Campbell Hall  Map >
Friday, September 30, 2011 at 5:30 PM.

From September 22 to October 1, as they walk to and from class, students and professors at the Architecture school will witness an interesting abstract composition unfolding on the East Gallery Wall. Rather than painting the wall, students in Professor Iliescu’s Painting & Public Art class will “unpaint” it through a series of carefully choreographed transitional paintings. Executed every day over the span of the 12-day project, these “un-paintings” will celebrate the highly traveled, busy gallery space and afford a visually stimulating transition as the now-yellow wall is drained of its color and returned to its normal white state.

Sanda Iliescu
Associate Professor of Art and Architecture

Read more (pdf)>
More information>


All photo credits: Chase Camuzzi
Georgia O'Keeffe
Red Hills

Georgia O'Keeffe, American,1887-1986
Red Hills, Lake George, 1927
Oil on canvas, 27 x 32 inches
Acquired 1945, The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Previously on view—
University of Virginia Art Museum
Thomas H. Bayly Building,
155 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, VA 22904   Map >
Tuesday - Sunday, 1-5

Georgia O'Keeffe's Red Hills, Lake George will be on view this fall at the U.Va. Art Museum. This important loan from The Phillips Collection continues the special partnership the University has developed with this Washington DC art institution. There will be academic programming related to this loan during the year.

Sanda Iliescu
Lines of Darkness and Light

Sanda Iliescu, Associate Professor of Architecture and Art
Lines of Darkness and Light
A Public Art Installation for the Day of Dialogue, September 24, 2010, at the University of Virginia

Column Veils: The South Porch of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia
Ballot Boxes: The South portion of the Lawn next to Old Cabell Hall

More >

  Lines of Darkness and Light by Sanda Iliescu at the University of Virginia        
Bill T. Jones

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
Artist-in-residence, 2008

Bill T. Jones described his collaborative project at U.Va. and the gift of public art as follows:

"What I know about the piece now—it starts as two armies performing maneuvers, then they walk across that bed, circle around the bed, then they disappear," he said. In the middle of the two armies will be a huge bed, Lincoln's deathbed, with a diagonal slash of red where the participants will write out the text of one of Lincoln's speeches. They will walk through the red paint of the words and leave footprints.

"I'm going to give that bed to the community, so the highest aspirations about culture will become a footpath on the man's deathbed. ... It will be a visualization of not 1865, but 2008."

UVA Today, November 12, 2008, by Anne Bromley. Read article >

UVA Today, November 17, 2008, by Anne Bromley. See slide show >

  Bed by Bill T. Jones at the University of Virginia        
Reproduction, including downloading of ARS works is prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.