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Carr's Hill

During the seven years I have lived in Carr's Hill, my life was enlarged and given more meaning by welcoming visitors to my University of Virginia home. While John and I took vacations from Grounds, we thought of the house as both the location and expression of our purpose at Mr. Jefferson's University. More.


My name is Betsy Casteen. Welcome to the University of Virginia and to my website. As the wife of U.Va.'s seventh president, John Casteen, I had the privilege of being a part of U.Va.'s stimulating and complex community. After seven years of living in Charlottesville, I know why Thomas Jefferson considered the University to be one of the three great accomplishments of his storied career. To find out for yourself why Mr. Jefferson ranked the University with the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, I encourage you to visit the Grounds, or to examine our website.

The University has been a special place for my family. In addition to serving as its seventh president for the past 20 years, my husband received 3 degrees from U.Va. Three of our 5 children, our two sons-in-laws, and our daughter- in-law all have received degrees from the University of Virginia. More.