Jacob Elstein, 2005

Virginia Tech

Shared Herbivory Amongst Solanaceous Species and Pollen Limitation in the Context of Herbivory

Several specialist herbivores are known to be shared by the plants Physalis and Solanum, members of the Solanaceae family, yet the effect of each species existing in close proximity on levels of herbivory is not known. The interaction of pollen limitation, nutrient limitation, and damage caused by herbivory on Physalis’ ability to produce fruit is also not known. In one study system, propagated Physalis was planted in the field at the University of Virginia Blandy Experimental Farm in close and far proximity to already established wild Physalis and Solanum. In a second study system, 16 test groups of propagated Physalis received different combinations of pollen received, nutrients available, herbivore damage, and frugivore damage while growing in plots in the “Meadow” area of Blandy Experimental Farm in order to determine how each limitation on resources affects fruit production. (Insert Summary of Results and Discussion)

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