Jalyse Cuff, 2014

Howard University

Does Size Matter?  Fecundity and Longevity in Symmetrischema lavernella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

The adult performance including fecundity and longevity in Symmetrischema lavernella, which is a small moth in the Gelechiidae family, was observed. The plant host for this moth is those in the genus Physalis (Solanaceae). S. lavernella has two different feeding strategies resulting in budworms who are individuals that feed off of flower buds and frugivores who are individuals who feed off fruit. Frugivores generally grow to be bigger than budworms. In many insects it has been proven that bigger is in fact better when it comes to adult performance. In the case of S. lavernella there was no correlation between body size and fecundity.

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