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General Areas of Research at Blandy Experimental Farm

Our strengths at Blandy are in the areas of population, community, and evolutionary ecology, and we strive to integrate our academic research with our public education and outreach programs. The following is a list of research mentors and their general research areas. Please feel free to contact these investigators with specific questions.

David E. CarrUniversity of VirginiaPlant reproductive ecology, inbreeding and genetic variation
Patrick CrumrineRowan UniversityAquatic community ecology, predator-prey interactions, conservation ecology
Kyle HaynesUniversity of VirginiaPopulation Ecology, Dynamics of Forest Insect Outbreaks, Landscape Ecology
Mary McKennaHoward UniversityPlant population biology, plant reproductive ecology
T'ai RoulstonUniversity of VirginiaPollination; Plant-Animal Interactions; Bee Biology
Ariel FirebaughUniversity of VirginiaLight Pollution Effects on Lightning Bug Populations

Megan Dzaack (left) and Carla Gorman (right) count aphids on Mimulus ringens.

Andy Miller (Ursinus College) and Monica Arienzo (Franklin & Marshall College) prepare to collect aquatic insects.