The Blandy Web Cam Page

Camera 1
Camera 2

Camera 1 is out of service.

Camera 1 is mounted on the northwest corner
of the Quarters building and faces west toward
Dogwood Lane and the Margaret Byrd Stimpson Amphitheater.

Camera 2 is mounted under the center archway
of the Quarters building and looks north
toward the Arboretum front walkway.

Camera 3

Camera 4
Camera 3 faces south from the Quarters building,
and includes views of the courtyard and the conifer allee.
Camera 4 faces east from the Quarters
and encompasses views of the Pollination Garden
and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We would like to thank Shenandoah Solutions for equipment and expertise for this project
and Don Warren of Warren Systems for permanent installation of the cameras.

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