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The Foundation of the State Arboretum is a nonprofit membership organization established to support the Arboretum and its programs. Foundation members guide the Arboretum's development, recruit volunteers, maintain several display gardens, assist the Curator with maintenance of the collection, raise funds, and perform any number of tasks.

The goals of the Foundation are to:

1. Establish and maintain a working partnership with the University of Virginia;

2. Support the documentation, maintenance and development of the collection.

3. Promote full time professional management of the Arboretum collection;

4. Provide education and information through public outreach;

5. Ensure the financial stability of the Foundation to achieve these goals.

The Foundation Board of Directors includes 25 members, and meets bimonthly at 10 a.m. in the Blandy Experimental Farm Library. Meetings are open to the public.

Officers of the Foundation are:

Bruce Downing, President

Sylvia Wilson, Vice President

Elsie Wilson Thompson, Secretary

Kathy Clark, Treasurer

Tom Dunning, Immediate Past President

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