Aaron R. Quinlan
Assistant Professor of Public Health Science and
  Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Ph.D., Boston College
Computational Genomics and Genome Variation

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The research in our laboratory is focused on developing and applying computational methods that improve our understanding of genome biology and the impact of genetic variation on phenotype. Modern experimental methods allow us to examine entire genomes with exquisite detail. Perhaps not surprisingly, staggering complexity is revealed as we look more closely at genome structure and the landscape of genetic variation. The throughput of modern genomic technologies necessitates efficient approaches for manipulating and comparing large genomic datasets and for characterizing the genetic variation therein. Our laboratory develops new algorithms and data mining techniques so that we and others may apply them to investigations of the impact of genetic variation on human disease, evolution, and somatic differentiation.

We are applying our methods towards 1) understanding the landscape and mechanisms of inherited and somatic differences if chromosome structure, 2) the impact of ionizing radiation on genome stability, 3) the origins of brain and ovarian cancers, 4) the genetics of Type 1 diabetes, and 5) predicting the functional consequence of genetic variation.

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