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Academic and Student Life Committee

The Academic and Student Life Committee shall have oversight of matters relating to athletics, culture and safety,  educational policy, and research programs. The Committee shall oversee matters relating to student conduct, residential and social life, extracurricular activities, food services, health, and such other matters relating to student affairs as may be brought to its attention; and athletic policy and programs, both intramural and intercollegiate.

In exercising its responsibilities for educational policy and research programs, the committee shall have responsibility in all matters relating to educational and research policies and programs except for those matters subject to the oversight of the Medical Center Operating Board. The committee shall exercise oversight over the proposal of new degrees and educational programs by the President, the conditions affecting the recruitment and retention of faculty members, the adequacy of instructional and research facilities, and such other matters relating to the educational policies and programs as may be brought before it by the President or Provost or referred to it by the Board.


  • Barbara J. Fried, Chair
  • Elizabeth M. Cranwell, Vice Chair
  • Mark T. Bowles
  • Whittington W. Clement
  • John A. Griffin
  • Robert D. Hardie
  • Tammy S. Murphy
  • Jeffrey C. Walker
  • Frank M. Conner III, Ex-officio
  • Bryanna F. Miller
  • Margaret F. Riley
  • Allison S. Linney, Consulting Member