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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion shall encourage and support an atmosphere at the University that ensures that diverse members of the University of Virginia and Charlottesville communities are treated equally and fairly.  The accomplishment of this mission is essential to creating an educational experience for students to prepare them for productive and responsible citizenship in the world beyond the University community.    The Committee defines diversity to include race and ethnicity, age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, religious and national origin, socio-economic status, and other aspects of individual experience and identity.


  • Frank M. Conner III, Co-Chair
  • Allison Cryor DiNardo, Co-Chair
  • Kevin J. Fay
  • Barbara J. Fried
  • William H. Goodwin Jr.
  • Margaret N. Gould
  • George Keith Martin, Ex-Officio
  • Christopher P. Holstege, M.D., Faculty Consulting Member