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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consider all matters referred to it by the Rector, the Vice Rector, or the President and shall, in the interim between meetings of the Board, be vested with the powers and authority of the full Board and shall take such action on all matters that may be referred to it as in its judgment is required. All such actions taken by the Executive Committee in the interim between meetings of the Board shall require a two-thirds vote of the whole number of committee members, and their actions shall be reported to the Board at the next regular meeting and shall, if confirmation is required, be confirmed and approved by the Board at that time.

Members: (Subject to ratification by the Board of Visitors)

  • William H. Goodwin Jr., Chair
  • Frank M. Conner III, Vice Chair
  • Frank B. Atkinson
  • L.D. Britt, M.D.
  • Kevin J. Fay
  • John A. Griffin
  • Victoria D. Harker
  • Frank E. Genovese - Advisor
  • John G. Macfarlane III - Advisor