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Special Committee on Governance

The Governance Committee shall review the Board’s organizational structure, processes, and operations for the purpose of forming recommendations to the Board regarding modifications and enhancements, both formal and informal.  The Committee’s work will be guided by an advisor and/or consultant with experience in public university board governance.  Further, the Committee shall review Board policies and procedures, both formal and informal, as they relate to engagement with the Administration and other key stakeholders, and make recommendations to the full Board for enriching mutual relationships and communication.


  • L.D. Britt, M.D., Co-Chair
  • John L. Nau III, Co-Chair
  • Frank B. Atkinson
  • John A. Griffin
  • Victoria D. Harker
  • Bobbie G. Kilberg
  • George Keith Martin, Ex-Officio
  • Timothy B. Robertson, Consulting Member