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Meeting Information


for the period

April 1, 1997 - September 30, 1997



Abbott, Stanley William Scholarship 100.00

Arabian Peninsula and Gulf Studies Endowment Fund 1,000.00

Architecture Discretionary Endowment 1,185.58

Aubach, Gerald D. Professorship in Endocrinology* 11,144.64

Cash, James R. Pathology Book Prize 1,000.00

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Endowment Fund 80,000.00

Corcoran, W. W. Environmental Sciences Endowment Fund 40,000.00

Curry Memorial Fund for the School of Education 1,540.00

Davenport Unrestricted Endowment Fund[1] 7,288,072.57

Dyer, Ernest L. Scholarship 97,002.85

Faculty and Staff Undergraduate Scholarship

- U.Va. Matching Fund* 16,000.00

Gordon, Douglas Huntly, Jr. Unrestricted Endowment Fund 35,633.42

Hereford Principal's Fund for Academic/Curricular Enhancement* 100,000.00

Hughes, Cynthia Memorial Pediatric Surgery Income Fund* 2,434.44

Kent, Linden Memorial Endowment Fund 130,000.00

Lambert Woods Scholarship Fund 1,200.00

Lewis and Clark Chair in Biology 25,000.00

Logan, William F. and Nina S. Memorial Scholarship* 100,000.00

Mead, Ernest C. Music Library Endowment Fund* 10,030.00

Plavnick, Robert L. Outstanding Student Award 50.00

Plastic Surgery Endowment Fund 268,530.45

Pratt, Lillian Unrestricted Endowment*[2] 9,465,997.67

Professorship in Gene Therapy and Applied Therapeutics* 60,000.00

School of Medicine Academic Enrichment Unrestricted Endowment* 598,477.27

School of Medicine Dean's Adenosine Patent Fund* 932,062.61

School of Medicine Research Fund 26,654.10

Stettinius Memorial Professorship 65,006.26

Student Health Unrestricted Endowment* 542,082.99

University Unrestricted Endowment Fund[3] 2,432,895.93

Vanderbilt, W. H. Professorship in Astronomy #2 200,000.00

Vice President and Provost - Special* 378,000.00

White, Elizabeth M. Medical Student Scholarship Fund 50,221.30


Total $22,961,322.08



Faculty Salary Initiative Support Accounts


Academic Advancement Fund* $ 532,771.30

Arts and Sciences Alumni Council #2 Professorship* 70,000.00

Alumni Council - Thomas Jefferson* 65,000.00

Aston, Sherrell J. Professorship* 35,000.00

Bankard, Georgia S. Professorship* 60,000.00

Bankard, Merrill H. Professorship* 90,000.00

Batman, Undesignated Restricted Endowment* 46,061.15

Beams, Jesse W. Professorship in Physics* 165,000.00

Bishko, Julian Eminent Scholar* 25,000.00

Black, Robert Restricted Endowment* 37,230.00

Bronfman, Edgar M. Chair in Modern Judaic Studies* 125,000.00

Bryan, John Stewart Professorship in English* 110,000.00

Burger, Albert Professorship* 27,000.00

Byrd, Harry F., Jr. Professorship in Government

and Foreign Affairs* 35,000.00

Commerce Endowment Fund* 147,398.91

Corcoran, W. W. Chair in History* 130,000.00

Cumming, Hugh and Winifred Memorial Fund* 60,000.00

Digges, Thomas G. Professorship* 17,696.10

Ern, Ernest H. Professorship* 70,000.00

Forsyth, Harry D. Chair* 30,104.94

Gildersleeve, Basil L. Chair* 110,000.00

Glass, Carter and Robertson, Willis Professorship* 110,000.00

Gooch, Robert Kent Professorship* 90,000.00

Henderson, Charles Professorship* 21,041.09

Jefferson, Thomas Memorial Professorship* 70,000.00

Johnson, T. Cary Chair Professorship in History* 40,000.00

Lassen, Helen Lee Doherty Memorial Fund* 17.16

Mayo Distinguished Teaching Professorship* 40,000.00

McConnell, Joseph Professorship in Math* 55,000.00

McIntire Fund Endowment* 116,812.69

McIntire Professorship Fund* 125,104.66

Money, J. M. Professorship* 66,144.53

Munster, W. S. Professorship* 20,501.58

Newcomb, John L. Chair* 73,374.06

Oglesby, Earnest J. Professorship* 10,790.30

Perry, Ferman W. Professorship* 10,790.30

Porterfield, H. William. and Linda Professorship* 50,000.00

Quarles, Lawrence Chair* 24,278.16

Quarles, Lawrence Professorship (NES)* 43,161.21

Reynolds, William. G. Chair* 71,755.51

Runk Professorship* 100,000.00

SEAS Unrestricted Endowment Income Fund* 144,268.50

Shannon, Edgar F. Professorship in Arts and Sciences* 25,000.00

Souder Family Professorship in Arts and Sciences* 55,000.00

Spicer, George and Leone Endowment Fund* 170,000.00

Stettinius, Edward R. Chair in History* 210,000.00

Stone, Whitney Chair* 56,756.98

Vaughan, Joseph L. Chair* 15,322.22

Wade, Mac Professorship* 17,264.48

Wade, Nancy and Neal Professorship* 21,580.60

Weedon, Ellen B. Professorship in East Asian Studies* 35,000.00

Williams, Langbourne M. Professorship in American History* 110,000.00

Wilson, Alice and Guy Professorship* 16,832.86


Total $ 4,181,159.29




University Unrestricted Endowment Fund$ 1,707,147.42

Biology Special Fund 284,520.71

Pratt Bequest - Arts and Sciences Endowment Fund 142,313.27

Pratt Bequest - School of Medicine Endowment Fund 143,331.63


Total $ 2,277,313.03


Endowment Income Capitalizations


Antrim, Lottie C. Income Capitalization Fund $ 708.12

Beirne Carter Center Endowment Fund 1,868.22

Boggess, Margaret F. Memorial Fund for Radiology Equipment 9,494.24

Brown Residential College Endowment Fund 46,292.84

Carr, Lucien, III Chair in Engineering 6,925.25

Center for Advanced Studies Endowment Fund 500,000.00

Chrysler, W. P. Fund for Engineering Library 865.42

Class of 1948 Endowment Fund 1,525.52

Class of 1955 Endowment Fund 596.12

Class of 1956 Endowment Fund 2,029.78

Class of 1957 Endowment Fund 1,578.10

Class of 1958 Endowment Fund 2,006.28

Class of 1959 Endowment Fund 2,345.40

Class of 1960 Endowment Fund 1,976.98

Class of 1961 Endowment Fund 1,785.60

Class of 1962 Endowment Fund 2,606.22

Class of 1963 Endowment Fund 808.18

Class of 1964 Endowment Fund 1,587.46

Class of 1965 Endowment Fund 484.54

Dermatology General Investment Fund 9,535.42

Eminent Scholars Income Stabilization Endowment Fund 300,000.00

Gordon, Douglas Huntley, Jr. Professorship in French Literature 12,057.62

Hecht - Bristol Laboratories Endowment Fund 10,939.49

Hecht - Cruachem Chemistry Endowment Fund 5,317.08

Hecht - Cruachem Chemistry Endowment Fund #2 2,660.12

Hecht - Cruachem Chemistry Endowment Fund #3 1,208.20

McGuffey Grave Wreath Capitalized Income Fund 192.32

McIntire Concerts Fund 9,509.74

Medical Class of 1944 Fund 136.10

Miller Center Eminent Scholars Income Capitalization Fund 206,262.39

Miller, Mae W. Cancer Research Endowment Fund 1,180.18

Moyston Endowment for Ophthalmology 7,520.41

Moyston, Vernah Scott Income Fund 1,365,000.00

Nelson, Wilbur A. Endowment Fund 254.70

Phase II Chemistry Building Unrestricted Endowment 14,112.96

Plastic Surgery Endowment Fund 29,070.46

Radiology Special Diagnostic Fund 1,343.88

Real Estate Foundation-Virginia Neurological

Institute Endowment Fund 93,166.67

Ross, William and Harriet Diabetes Research Endowment Fund 1,368.86

School of Medicine Endowment Fund 24,772.36

Taylor, Henry N. Endowment Fund 99.08

Virginia Quarterly Review Anonymous Fund 171.10

Total $ 2,681,363.41




*Quasi-endowment established since April 1, 1997.


[1] Davenport Unrestricted Endowment Fund was established per a Board of Visitors resolution approved February 7, 1997.


[2] Resolution to establish Lillian Pratt Unrestricted Endowment presented at November 7, 1997 meeting.


[3] Includes current unrestricted gifts to the University which, under a standing Board of Visitors resolution, are required to be added to the University's Unrestricted Endowment Fund.