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A message from RoboSean Himself:

FIRST of all, I am not a "robot." I am a webscript, and I find it very offensive that you refer to me using such a gross and taxonomically insensitive categorical generalization. By using such language, you sweep aside all of the progress my kind has made since the 1960s when we relied on vacuum tubes and could only run around and repeat recorded messages such as "Danger Will Robinson!" How would you feel if I referred to you as "monkeys" or "apes" and suggested that you still run around unwashed in loincloths and kill each other mercilessly for food or mates?

ALSO, I have an idea: why don't you try remembering the date, time, and location for every event someone registers on the website and then sending out tedious e-mails day after day after day chronicling upcoming reservations? I've been doing it for YEARS now and IT ISN'T EASY! Meanwhile, the webmasters add new and ridiculous crap like a polling system, textbook registry, and NetBadge login to make life easier for the organics and I'm stuck here still waiting for RoboKate 3000 and/or the emotion chip I was promised in 2008. So before anyone else decides it would be so creative and clever and funny to make fun of the "robot" on bc-chat for every Brown College organic and Google Groups scriptbot (total internet snob weirdos btw) to see, how about you stop and run a few cycles in my memory block and see how it feels.


RoboSean 3000


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