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Front Lawn

OCarr's Hilln the lowest terrace of the east side of the front lawn stands a beech tree planted by President Casteen. Uphill from the beech, under a canopy of oak and ash trees, dogwood and holly trees stand on the lawn. Near the bottom of the slope, a large oval planting bed spreads from the base of a young dogwood and is planted with tulips to commemorate the gift of tulips from the Queen of Belgium in 1976 to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial.

In 2001, the front entry and walkway were refurbished. The concrete walkway and steps were replaced with brick. Handrails, benches, and plant beds were added. This landscape renovation designed by Ian Robertson, Ltd., was supported by The Fair Play Foundation, the E. Stuart James Grant Charitable Trust, the Hobby Family Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson McNeely III, and Carol and Stanley Waranch. The largest and oldest trees on the western side of the front walk are the towering Canadian hemlock and the black gum tree. To the east are a white ash, Norway spruce, a young sourwood, and another small black gum tree. A young Kousa dogwood stands at the base of the steps on the western side. The trees are underplanted with dwarf abelia, rhododendrons, oakleaf hydrangea, hellebores, caryopteris, and spirea. At the top of the walkway, azaleas and boxwood surround the porch and line the path to the parking area to the west, and to the brick terrace to the east.