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North Gardens

ACarr's Hillt the head of the driveway, a short flagstone path leads into an open rectangular perennial garden bounded by the Carriage House to the west and Carr's Hill Cottage to the east. Originally designed in 1990 as part of a major garden renovation, this garden was modified in 1996 to accommodate a vine-covered pergola and patio across the back wall. The pergola garden provides a sheltered arbor for outdoor gatherings. The pergola is planted with Dutchman's pipe vine. "New Dawn" rose covers the back brick wall and a young fig tree is planted in the sunny corner. An old espaliered rose dominates the brick wall of the Carriage House and is complemented by shrub and hybrid tea roses. Flowering crabapples accentuate the border garden in which peonies, coralbells, foxgloves, iris, flax, dianthus, daisies, and rose campion open in colorful succession. Interspersed shrubs include hydrangea, deutzia, white-flowering quince, spirea, and viburnum. This garden renovation was supported by the Alumni Board of Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund, Deborah and Eli Tullis, and Ann and Evans Wyckoff.

To the east, directly in front of the two-story Carr's Hill Cottage is a parterre herb garden enclosed by a low square of boxwood. This garden is another product of the 1990 renovation. The herb garden elegantly combines the circular and rectilinear contours of the upper and middle sections of Pavilion Garden IV. Crape myrtle, viburnum, and fragrant narcissus line the path to the house, screening the small kitchen patio. A grassy sward extends from the herb garden east to a row of spirea, which screens the brick and slate tent terrace on the far side of the house. The character of this area changed dramatically when an enormous sugar maple died and was removed. Hosta, astilbe, and a collection of columbine planted between the lawn and the patio will eventually thrive as the replacement maple matures sufficiently to shield them. In the back of the grassy area is a trellis with "New Dawn" roses planted at the base. Two old European larches, unusual deciduous conifers, tower above. Large fig trees grow in the corner along with a wisteria trained to a shrub form.