Doris Buffett Fellowships

The Center for Children, Families, and the Law is continuing its ongoing program of offering fellowships for graduate students planning to be involved in applied work related to the topic of children and families in need.

Thanks to a series of generous gifts from a private donor, 8 to15 Doris Buffett Fellowships of up to $3500 each are made each year to graduate students in any field of study (Law, Education, etc.) at the University of Virginia who are professionally involved in practical work in the topic area of children and families in need. Awards in the range of $1000 to $2000 are made commonly, with the amount of the fellowship roughly equating to $10/hour involved in service-related activities. Fellowhips may be granted more than once, but students may not reapply for the fellowship for the same project.

Applicants are encouraged to think broadly and creatively in applying for the Buffett fellowships. Examples of appropriate applied activity include law students working in public service settings and representing children and/or families, or clinical psychology graduate students working as therapists with children and/or families in need.

Less obvious but still appropriate applications might include: economics or business students who plan to assist a child welfare or family agency with fund raising or financial management, or sociology graduate students who plan to help to mobilize volunteers or garner community support for a family or child advocacy initiative. Innovation is encouraged in thinking broadly about applied work with children and families.

**Please note: These fellowships are reserved for University of Virginia graduate students who are doing practical work as part of their graduate training. The Center for Children, Families, and the Law at the University of Virginia does not handle aid requests for Ms. Buffett. If you have such a request, please visit

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