Other Law and Emotion Conferences

Law and the Emotions: New Directions in Scholarship
Boalt Hall School of Law
University of California, Berkeley

In the first law and emotion gathering since the 1998 meeting in Chicago which resulted in Susan Bandes' The Passions of Law, the conference at Boalt Hall School of Law witnessed the congregation of law scholars, social scientists, philosophers, neuroscientists, and political scientists. The interdisciplinary approach to the conference allowed for a wide range of law and emotion topics to be addressed, such as the legal relevance of advances in emotion theories and the respective roles of emotion and the law in social and institutional contexts. The conference received a lot of public interest from both academics and professionals alike and proved to be a major success. To learn more about this conference or to view resulting papers, visit the conference website by clicking the link above.

Emotion in Context: Exploring the Interaction between Emotions and Legal Institutions
The Law School
University of Chicago

The law and emotion conference held at the University of Chicago Law School was also an interdisciplinary conference, and included scholars of social sciences, law, and neurosciences as well as neuroeconomics, political science, and philosophy. That experience and expression of emotion can depend upon legal context, or that emotion norms can play a significant role in the shaping and operation of legal institutions, were topics of interest at this conference. Participating scholars used the complex interaction of emotion and social structure to explain how emotion and legal institutions affect and shape one another. For more information on this conference, or to read the abstracts from speaker talks, click the link above to visit the conference website.

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