CCHSI aims at a critical engagement with both local and global human concerns, focusing on specific issues such as environmental degradation and pollution, social injustice and inequality, violence and war, etc. In doing so, the Center actively promotes interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration within and outside of the University of Virginia, at the undergraduate, graduate, faculty and community levels.

The Center is located in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Virginia, with the approval and support of the Chairperson and the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia. The Center draws mostly on the faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) of the Department and of the University for its programs, seeking sharing among different disciplines, schools, divisions, Centers, and related programs.

A small interdisciplinary group of scholars guides the Center’s activities, while its director is responsible for running it. The director also invites experts to discuss specific projects and participate in particular programs and activities.

Main activities of the center currently are:

♦ small round table faculty-student discussions/presentations, often with a designated speaker or discussant, on a previously announced subject or issue
♦ promotion of new courses and seminars on suitable subjects
♦ collaborate with other similar organizations for promotion of public awareness on specific issues

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