Event on Applied Anthropology

What do we do with anthropology?

Applied, engaged, community-based — each of these qualifiers attempts to theorize the various ways anthropology can be used beyond classrooms and academic journals. But what does it really mean to use anthropology “outside” academia? What qualifies as applied or activist work, and why do anthropologists engage in it? In this roundtable discussion, we will bring together a group of panelists who have used anthropology in ways that decidedly challenge the distinction between ideas and action. Our discussion will begin with the question: what do we do with anthropology? From here, we hope to engage ideas that address the following two areas:

1) What can anthropology do as a tool for effecting change?
2) What is the relationship between theory and practice in “applied” or “engaged” anthropology?

Our discussion will begin with short presentations by each of our panelists, who variously have been involved in business anthropology, social activism, language preservation, and community archaeology:

Sergio Lopez, Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology
David Flood, Graduate Student, Dept. of Anthropology
Jeff Hantman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Anthropology

Monday, March 4
3:30-5:30 pm
Brooks Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room

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