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Radio Telescope Survey Spectra

**The files below are given as compressed (.zip) files. Once extracted, the text files should be opened in WordPad rather than Notepad. The resulting spectral line data is given in two-column ascii format with frequency in the first column and intensity in the second. As is customary, please reference these data accordingly.**


The X-Band (7.7-10.74 GHz) and Ku-Band (11.3-15.63 GHz)

Data taken as part of the GBT PRIMOS Project available at:


The Turner 2mm (130-170 GHz) Spectral Line Survey

Data taken from: Anthony J. Remijan, Diane P. Leigh, A. J. Markwick-Kemper, and B. E. Turner, "Complete 2mm Spectral Line Survey (130-170 GHz) of Sgr B2N, Sgr B2OH, IRC +10216, Orion (KL), Orion-S, W51M, and W3(IRS5)," (2008) arXiv:0802.2273.


The Nummelin 1mm (218-263 GHz) Spectral Line Survey

Data taken from: A. Nummelin, P. Bergman, A. Hjalmarson, P. Friberg, W. M. Irvine, T. J. Millar, M. Ohishi, and S. Saito, "A Three-Position Spectral Line Survey of Sagittarius B2 between 218 and 263 GHz. I. The Observational Data," Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 117, 427-529 (1998).