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Veronica Bierbaum - University of Colorado

Thursday, May 28 – 9:00-9:45AM


“Interstellar Ion Chemistry – New Insights from Laboratory Experiments”


Astronomical observations reveal the presence of a rich variety of chemical species in the interstellar medium, including neutral compounds as well as positive and negative ions. Our laboratory studies are directed at understanding the formation and interaction of these species. Experimental techniques using flowing afterglow and selected ion flow tube instruments provide a powerful and versatile approach for exploring the ion chemistry of a wide array of positive and negative ions with neutral reactants, including hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms. Results will be discussed for the reactivity and mechanisms of carbanions, hydride ion, and both simple and complex organic cations. Instrumental developments and future directions will be described.


Related Reference(s):

T. P. Snow and V. M. Bierbaum, “Ion Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium,” Ann. Rev. Anal. Chem., 1, 229–259 (2008).


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