Cell Biology Seminars 2004

Spring Semester 2004

January 12: Michael Galko
Cellular and Genetic Analysis of Epidermal Wound Healing in Drosophila
11:30-12:30, Jordan Hall Rm 1-17

January 22: Xiaowei Lu
Planar cell polarity genes in mammals: roles in neurulation and sensory hair cell development
12:30-1:30, Jordan Hall 1-5

January 30: David Drubin, University of California Berkeley
(Joint with Biology)

February 3: David Sherwood
Analysis of cell-invasive behavior in vivo: anchor cell invasion in C. elegans
12:00-1:00, Jordan Hall 1-17

February 9: Jennifer Zallen
Molecular control of polarized cell movement
12:15-1:15, Jordan 1-14

February 12:Fabrice Roegiers
IIb or not IIb: Asymmetric division and cell fate determination in the Drosophila peripheral nervous system
1:00-2:00, Jordan Hall 1-14

February 25: Clare Waterman-Storer, Scripps Institute

March 1: Le Ma, Stanford University
Shape control of developing sensory axons at the spinal cord
12:00-1:00, Jordan Hall 1-5

March 4: Jeremy Nance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Cell polarity and gastrulation in the C. elegans embryo
12:00-1:00, Jordan Hall 1-5

March 18: Yang Hong, UCSF
Molecular Control of Epithelial Polarity and Cellular Morphogenesis in Drosophila
12:00-1:00, Jordan Hall 1-5

March 22: Jonathan Terman, Johns Hopkins University
Molecular Mechanisms of Repulsive Axon Guidance and Their Modulation During Development
3:00-4:00, Jordan Hall 1-5

March 15: Tudorita Tumbar, Rockefeller University
Characterization of the hair follicle stem cell niche
3:00-4:00, Jordan Hall 1-5

April 2: Steve Kay, Scripps Institute
(Joint with Biology)

April 29: Wolf Almers, Oregon Health Sciences Univ.
(Joint with Mol. Physiol. Biol. Physics)

May 12: Anne Ridley, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London, England

May 18: Nina Tang Sherwood, California Institute of Technology
Spastin, The major gene underlying autosomal dominant-hereditary spastic paraplegia (AD-HSP), is necessary for normal motor function in Drosophila

1:30-2:30, Jordan Hall 3006

May 26: Debbie Andrew, Johns Hopkins University
Orchestrating Organogenesis: The Molecular and Cellular Events Underlying Drosophila Salivary Gland Formation
12:15-1:15, Jordan Hall 1-17

Fall Semester 2004

September 22:
Max L. Nibert, Harvard Medical School

September 29: Cliff Tabin, Harvard Medical School

October 20: Fred Chang, Columbia University

November 17: Ralph Isberg
(Joint with Microbiology)

December 1: Richard Anderson, University of Texas, Southwestern

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