SEMINARS: Spring 2005

Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Program Seminar Series = CDB
Department of Cell Biology and the Morphogenesis & Regenerative Medicine Institute Faculty Search Seminar = Cell / MRMI
5 Michael W. Klymkowsky
University of Colorado - Boulder
12:15pm; Jordan Hall Rm 1-17
Regulatory networks, embryonic patterning and cellular differentiation: the sox-beta-catenin-nodal connection CDB
12 Nicholas Baker
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-5
Studying growth and proliferation in vivo using the fly eye Cell / MRMI
7 Zhen Huang
HHMI/University of California,
San Francisco Mission Bay
2:15 pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-14
The Origin Recognition Core Complex acts as a switch in neurons for regulating dendrite development Cell / MRMI
14 Shingo Yoshikawa
The Salk Institute
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Wnt-mediated axon guidance at the midline in Drosophila Cell / MRMI
21 Jing Yang
MIT - Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
A New Twist on Tumor Metastasis Cell / MRMI
28 Michael Shapiro
Stanford University School of Medicine
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Genetic and developmental origins of evolutionary limb reduction in stickleback fish Cell / MRMI
2 Blanche Capel
Duke University
12:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
The battle of the sexes: Organogenesis of the gonad CDB
7 Maria Garcia-Garcia
Sloan-Kettering Institute
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Cell movements during mouse gastrulation: lessons from ENU mutagenesis Cell / MRMI
14 Andrew Chisholm
University of California
Santa Cruz
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Genetic dissection of C. elegans epidermal morphogenesis Cell / MRMI
16 John Condeelis
Albert Einstein, New York
12:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Why invasive tumor cells are tracks stars and why this is important for metastasis CDB
21 Noelle Dwyer
Harvard Medical School
2:15pm; Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Finding Genes that Control Mammalian Brain Architecture and Wiring Cell / MRMI
20 Erika Holzbaur
12:15, Jordan Hall, Rm 1-17
Motor neurons require motor proteins: the role of microtubule-based transport in motor neuron degenerative disease CDB
23 Paul Trainor
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
12:00pm, Jordan Hall, Room 3006/08


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