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Virginia H. Evans

Virginia H. Evans

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P.O. Box 400217
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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4217

Arlene Buynak


Design Principles

Our leadership team created this list as we evaluated whether we are now efficiently organized, and we are using this list to envision how we can better achieve our predictability goals in the future:
  1. Minimize single points of failure through promoting cross-training and succession planning.
  2. Serve as exemplars of production excellence, from technology design and architecture to end user experience.
  3. Optimize predictability by reliably making commitments aligned with the University’s priorities; and honoring them.
  4. Find a balance between delivering today’s services with creating and delivering tomorrow’s.
  5. Maximize resources (in both dollars and people) for flexibility and make it easier to move them where they are needed.
  6. Facilitate meeting our users’ needs and ensure our services make sense from their perspective.
  7. Minimize bottlenecks and distribute workloads.
  8. Design for a “demand-pull” environment, where user demand drives our decision-making.
  9. Facilitate and coordinate internal and external communications.
  10. Distribute accountability and decision-making at the appropriate place and level.
  11. Leverage the strengths, talents, and expertise offered by every member of our organization, while minimizing weaknesses.
  12. Control our resources, understand how they are being used, and manage them through priority-setting.
  13. Provide greater role clarity.
  14. Function within our current resources.