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Virginia H. Evans

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The University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) oversees key central IT units for the University that enable both academic and administrative functions and that support faculty, staff, and students. Operational services include infrastructure, applications, and end user support services that scale across the University (and in some cases include the hospital). In addition, IT security, policy, and records management provide both pro-active and reactive security services, security consulting, IT policy creation, and assistance with retention and destruction of University records.

Three discrete organizations provide central IT services to the CIO areas and the University:

  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
    • ITS is the central service provider for information technology services across the University. Providing over 120 services, ranging from:
      • infrastructure — networks, telephony, data centers, storage and computing platforms, email and calendaring, identity management, to
      • applications - ERP systems (Human Resources, Financial, and Student Information systems), learning management systems (UVaCollab), and departmental custom applications, to
      • support services — classroom IT and support, departmental computing support (LSP coordination and site licensing), help services (IT help desk and secondary support), customer communications and outreach.
    • ITS’ mission is to promote information technology as a strategic resource throughout the University and to exemplify service excellence.
  • Information Security, Policy, and Records Office (ISPRO)
    • ISPRO provides security, policy, and records management consultation and guidance for the University community. Area responsibilities include:
      • security - assessing security risks, providing security education and training, implementing security safeguards, tracking security incidents, monitoring mission continuity and disaster recovery plans, and developing and maintaining University-wide IT security policies.
      • records management — working in partnership with units and individuals across the University to ensure all records (physical and electronic) are efficiently managed, retained, and destroyed in compliance with all administrative, audit, legal, financial, historical, and research policies and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University.
      • access management — managing user access to central IT systems.
  • Information Technology Budget & Administration
    • IT Budget and Administration oversees office administration, billing, human resources, and financial planning and allocation for all of central IT.

In the coming year, we are focused on:

  • Operational Excellence
    • We must run our services and manage our projects efficiently and be judged by the metrics of predictability, cost, and value.
  • Strategic Service Sourcing — Providing Services that Scale
    • We must provide or broker central services that at scale, are less expensive and better than can be provided by individual departments or schools.
  • Strengthening IT Security, Policy, and Records Management
    • The University faces growing challenges with cyber security, compliance, and accountability. Security and records management will be enhanced over the coming years to ensure greater ability to operate effectively in this ever-changing environment.
  • Enabling the University's Strategic Plan
    • We must ensure central IT is in direct alignment with the University strategic plan, and that our IT capabilities fully support the strategic direction of the University.