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IT Project Management

University of Virginia IT Project Management Guidelines

The University is committed to continuously improving the delivery of IT solutions within budget, on schedule, within scope and in such a way as to best contribute to accomplishing the University's strategic mission. To this end, these guidelines have been developed to assist IT project leaders in planning and managing their projects.

For any project, it should be the goal of the project manager to consider these guidelines and to take appropriate actions to ensure the success of the project. This should include a) the preparation of documentation that is appropriate to the complexity of the project, and b) the establishment of a plan for oversight, the extent and frequency of which should approprate to the complexity of the project.

Assessment of the complexity of a given project should be the responsibility of the project manager, in consultation with the project's sponsor. The Project Management Complexity Tool is intended to provide a rule of thumb to help project managers assess the complexity of a project. Project Management Process Guidelines outline a process for each level of project complexity, and Project Management Methodology, which can be customized to fit each level, gives further details on suggested project management techniques. The Security Review for Projects Questionnaire facilitates identification of security requirements for a given Information Technology Project and helps minimize risks associated with planned outsourcing of Mission Critical IT services.

The project manager should provide documentation that is appropriate to the complexity of the project. High complexity projects should be supported with documentation that is substantially more detailed and thorough than would be expected for a medium-complexity (or low-complexity) project. An example of a worksheet for a Low Complexity Project is provided here. For most low-complexity projects, the full documentation package could be as brief as 2-3 pages. The documentation for high-complexity projects, on the other hand, could easily run to hundreds of pages.