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IT Project Management Guidelines, Templates, & Examples


The Project Management Office (PMO) and the Project Management Community (PMC) have worked together to provide this toolkit for project management. There are many project management methodologies available. Some units within the CIO area have their own Project Management methodology. They may continue to use their methodology. Our methodology is based on the best practices of the Project Management Institute and has been customized for our environment. The strategy of these tool offerings is based on two beliefs. First, the toolkit is an ever evolving set of guidelines, templates, and examples. When you use the toolkit and find something does not work well for your project or if you have a better approach, please email us at Someone will follow-up to discuss your concerns/ideas.

Second, the tools are designed to help you manage your project. Admittedly, your manager or member of the CIO Leadership team may review your project documents. However, the primary purpose of these tools is to assist the project manager and the project team with the project. You should make the tool work for you rather than you working for the tool. You are free to adapt the tools for your particular project.

We understand this list of guidelines and templates may look overwhelming at first. The Project Management Community-Guidelines Sub-Group ( is available for questions about particular guidelines and templates. Mentoring is available to help you get started with the project management process. Please email the PMO at to request this service.

Determining Project Complexity and Recommended Documentation

This tool is based on work at HP which produced an industry standard for determining project complexity. The tool can be used at any time to provide the following:

  • Our opinion as to whether the work to be done would be considered a project worth documenting.
  • The overall complexity of the project and basis for that determination.
  • A recommendation for project documentation and information that should be stressed in that documentation based on information supplied.

For projects which are rated low complexity, and with the permission of your supervisor, you may choose the streamlined worksheet found below as the Low-Complexity Project Worksheet.

Go to Project Complexity Tool

Guidelines and Templates

In the table below are listed the guidelines, templates, and examples for the CIO area.

Guideline Template Example
Project Charter Guideline Project Charter Template Example
  EI Project Charter  
Project Requirements Guideline Project Requirements Template Example
Project Plan Guideline Project Plan Template Example
Project Communications Plan Guideline Project Communications Plan Template Example
Risk Management Plan Guideline Risk Management Plan Template Example
Security Review    
Project Change Management Guideline Project Change Management Template  
Issues Log Guideline Issues Log Template Example
Test Plan Guideline Test Plan Template Example
Project Lessons Learned Guideline Project Lessons Learned Example
  Low-Complexity Project Worksheet  
  Project Proposal Template  
  Project Update to Leadership