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Virginia H. Evans

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Arlene Buynak

IT Project Management Office

Portfolio Management

Projects are all part of a bigger project portfolio, which is regularly managed by the PMO. Portfolio Management includes the scoring of new project proposals, the scheduling of approved projects based on available resources and budget, as well as managing the change in the projects in terms of the effects on other projects in the portfolio.

The PMO helps support this effort with the following:

Project Inventory

VP/CIO Leadership prioritizes and tracks a wide variety of projects associated with services. Working closely with the Project Managers, the PMO will be tracking and reporting on the status and progress of projects in the portfolio using our project inventory application, with guidance towards improved communication, value, portfolio balance, and alignment to the University's strategic goals.

Details such as priority, complexity, impact, status, and alignment to goals and services are a few of the data points we track.

Project Repository

The PMO office created a project repository for initiating, tracking and documenting project work. The project repository will store relevant project documents, data, timeline and communications in a manner that provides appropriate access to the project team.

ITS Services Catalog

The Services Catalog ties all ITS services identified by ITS Senior Leadership to UVa lines of business, and standardizes the information we provide about these services:

  • to whom the service is available,
  • how to get the service,
  • when and where to get support for the service,
  • availability/uptime of the service,
  • who "owns" it within ITS, and
  • how to provide feedback on the service.