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Virginia H. Evans

Virginia H. Evans

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Arlene Buynak

IT Project Management

Process Guidelines

Low Complexity Medium Complexity High Complexity
Project Management Process Guidelines

Additional documents you may need or may be requested by your supervisor or suggested by your mentor:

OR with your supervisor's approval:

Documentation* Low Complexity Guidelines Medium Complexity Guidelines High Complexity Guidelines
Approval and Oversight Departmental head or designated sponsor Departmental head or designated sponsor or VP or Dean, and/or designated oversight committee VP, Dean and/or designated executive committee (i.e. Integrated System Executive Committee)

*While some plans or documents may be included in guidelines across levels of project, the rigor and amount of detail suggested for those plans and documents may vary significantly. For further explanation of guidelines, see Project Management Methodology. Contact for further assistance with Quarterly State Dashboard reports and IV&V reporting which may be required for certain projects.